DAY 1: 25 May

I felt that the online learning platform which we used today was rather effective in helping us understand how to calculate the distance and midpoint. The youtube videos were a great help as the explanation was very clear. I also felt that after watching the videos, i was able to understand the concept and solve the questions. However, there were also some difficult words which i did not understand, but after searching the word on search engines, i was able to understand some of the words better. Also, it would have been better if there were answers to the questions given so that we could see if we have answered the questions correctly, as i was unsure if i answered correctly and really got the grasp of understanding the topic and the different types of questions that could be asked.

DAY 2: 26 May

I felt that the videos were very useful. However, today's topic was much more difficult. Also, the task was rather difficult and too time consuming. Maybe more hints could be given on how to do the graphic designs as it took too much time and effort. Also, i have forgotten much of how to use the graphic calculator. I also feel that this topic has to be explained in class to a much greater extent as this is a much more difficult topic compared to yesterday's.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)
(unable to upload)
y1: 8+sqrt (14-(x+7)2)
y2: 8-sqrt (14-(x+7)2)
y3: 4+sqrt (14-(x+3.5)2)
y4: 4-sqrt (14-(x+3.5)2)
y5: 8+sqrt (14-(x)2)
y6: 8-sqrt (14-(x)2)
y7: 8+sqrt (14-(x-7)2)
y8: 8-sqrt (14-(x-7)2)
y9: 4+sqrt (14-(x-3.5)2)
y10: 4-sqrt (14-(x-3.5)2)

(unable to upload)

y1: 3+sqrt (100-x2)
y2: 3-sqrt (100-x2)
y3: 3+sqrt (75-x2)
y4: 3+sqrt (75-x2)
y5: -2x+5/(x>=-2 and x <=4)
y6: 3x+5/(x>=88/30 and x <=0.4)
y7: -2x+3/(x>=2.5 and x <=3.5)
y8: 3x+3//(x>=-7/3 and x <=0)
y9: -1/3x-43/9/(x>=-88/30 and x <=-7/3)