I feel that today's lesson was quite easy and acceptable to handle. This is because today's topic is related to two other topics which we had already learnt: Pythagoras Theorem and Linear Graphs. I do not really enjoy the method of home learning to study and know more about this topic as this is not a very simple topic. The fact that we had to use online resources means that we cannot inquire from teachers if we had serious problems such as concepts. However, the one thing I like about home learning is that we are able to learn this topic at our own personal pace, and not rush in class.

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)
Window Settings:
Xmin = -10
Xmax = 20
Ymin = -10
Ymax = 10


Y1 =5+√(25-(X+5)^3)
Y2 =

Y3 =0+√(25-(X)^3)
Y4 =0-

Y5 =5+√(25-(X-5)^3)
Y6 =

Y7 =0+√(25-(X-10)^3)
Y8 =0-

Y9 =5+√(25-(X-15)^3)
Y10 = 5-√(25-(X-15)^3)