Day 1: Reflections
Today’s home based learning went quite smoothly, I was able to understand the proof of finding the midpoint and I was able to find all the formulas I needed to do the questions assigned. However, I am still not very sure how the distance formula works; I think that a video which explains the proof of distance will help. As for the homework assigned, it was a reasonable amount but however, I was unable to complete question 5, 4d and 4b, probably due to my lack of practice. Overall, today’s home learning was fine but I think that on school on Thursday there should be time allocated to reinforcing our knowledge on this topic in class.

Day 2: Olympic Ring Design

Windows setting:
Top Left Ring = equation 1 and 2
Top Middle Ring = equation 3 and 5
Top Right Ring = equation 4 and 6
Bottom Left Ring = equation 7 and 8
Bottom Right Ring = equation 9 and 0

Reflections for Day 2:
Today was a really bad day. I was unable to apply the formula that I learnt today. I could not even understand the last example shown in the power point. As a result, I was unable to complete the Olympic ring design on my own. I needed a lot of help from my friends before I could finally complete it. I feel that I am not in a clear state of mind that all the different variables seem very confusing to me. I certainly need more practice and have a clearer understanding on the formula/topic before I can go on and attempt the other GC designs.