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DAY 1: 25 May

The formula for the distance between two points is a familiar topic. The concept is simple and direct. However, I found it difficult to to solve questions like Question 2. Find the perimeter of ∆ABC, whose vertices are A (–4, –2), B (8, –2) and C (2, 6). Nevertheless, after drawing out the diagram, I realised that it helped, as I was able to see the triangle visually. This made it easier for me to solve the problem. I found out that by drawing a diagram, although rather time consuming, would allow me to see the overall problem more easily.

The mid-point of two points was rather easily to apply and the overall concept is straightforward.

DAY 2: 26 May

Todays topic was rather challenging as I found it hard to use the Graphic Calculator. However, with the formula, it was easier to understand the overall topic. However, putting the equation into the graphic calculator was rather challenging and I found it hard to apply the concept by typing in some numbers in the graphic calculator. Nevertheless, this topic was interesting but rather challenging. I would continue to test somethings out with my graphic calculator. I think my equations are wrong but whenever I apply the formula and test out some numbers, the graphic calculator would show me an odd image. I was not able to make the second one. The first one was rather odd. My graphic calculator displayed random circles that have a gap between them around the screen. I am rather confused.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)
Xmin = -25
Xmax = 25
Ymin = -15
Ymax = 15

1st Ring
Y1 =7+{Square rooted}(8-(X-3.5)^2)
Y2 =7-{Square rooted}(8-(X-3.5)^2)

2nd Ring:
Y3 =7+{Square rooted}(8-(X-4.5)^2)
Y4 =7-{Square rooted}(8-(X-4.5)^2)

3rd Ring:
Y5 =7+{Square rooted}(8-(X-7)^2)
Y6 =7-{Square rooted}(8-(X-7)^2)

4th Ring:
Y7 =5+{Square rooted}(8-(X-3.5)^2)
Y8 =5-{Square rooted}(8-(X-3.5)^2)

5th Ring:
Y9 =5+{Square rooted}(8-(X-4)^2)
Y10=5-{Square rooted}(8-(X-4)^2)