DAY 1: 25 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson.

After attending this online lesson, I found out that Coordinate Geometry was actually rather important in our daily lives. I also discovered that lesson on Distance and Mid-point was actually very much similar to finding an equation of a straight line using gradient and y-intercept. We can use two pairs of coordinates that are given to calculate the distance of two points and the coordinate of the mid-point. In Overall, I feel that I had benefited a lot from this enriching online lesson and this was indeed a fun experience. However, I had a little difficulty with the practice questions and that clearly shows that I would still need more practices.

DAY 2: 26 May

I personally feel that the lesson today was more challenging as compared to yesterday' one. This time, i took slightly longer to complete my task as there were many additional steps that we must take (for example: converting the equation into that of y= ). However, i must also agree that this lesson was also much more interesting. I applied the graph shifting method that i learnt in quadratic graphs and was finally able to complete my work. However, i feel that my knowledge on graph is still too shallow and i still need lots of practises. Overall, i feel that this online lesson was beneficial and enriching.

Submission of Designs
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)

Window setting:
X-min: -14
X-max: 18
Y-min: -14
Y-max: 14


Blue ring:
1) Y1= 6 + √(16-(X+8)^2)
Y2= 6 - √(16-(X+8)^2)

Black ring:
Y3= 2 + √(16-(X+3)^2
Y4= 2 - √(16-(X+3)^2

Red ring:
Y5= 6 + √(16-(X-1.5)^2
Y6= 6 - √(16-(X-1.5)^2

Yellow ring:
Y7= 2 + √(16-(X-6)^2
Y8= 2 - √(16-(X-6)^2

Green ring:
Y9= 6 + √(16-(X-11)^2
Y10= 6 - √(16-(X-11)^2